Aquatic Therapy,  Excercise

Walking and Strengthening

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If you are having difficulty with walking due to coordination or pain, aquatic therapy may be right for you. The ability to walk with less weight and resistance in the water, can have significant improvements in one’s ability to walk. The resistance of the water strengthens a wide variety of muscles through the torso, pelvis and legs. The uniform resistance of the water also allows for unique feedback to the nervous system, improving coordination with walking.


  • Christy Soares

    I clicked on Aquatic Therapy and nothing happens to see the different pool memberships available. Can you give me that information, please?

    • crestviewpt

      Absolutely. Our daily rate is $5.30 – weekly rate is $ 10.60 and monthly rate is $36.04. Pool hours vary day to day based upon Medicare patients that may be in the pool, it is Federal law we cannot allow other people in the pool when they are in the pool. We update the hours twice a day on our Facebook page and you can always call the office to check our hours. Currently the hours are 7 am – 5 pm – Monday – Thursday and 7 am to 11:30 am on Friday. We will extend the hours as the membership grows.