Total Motion Release (TMR)

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Did you know that our everyday muscle contractions create and cause a great deal of our pain?  These contractions are our muscles reacting to something.   Movement dysfunction in our trunk, lower extremity or upper extremity may produce pain, as well as decrease range of motion and function.  Total Motion Release (referred to as TMR) is an innovative, patient-centered approach that can be helpful in treating a wide variety of muskoskel dysfunction, such as stiffness, restrictions in motion of joints and weakness.  It releases restrictions that typically contribute to:

  • Degenerative discs
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle Strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Neck/Back pain

TMR’s principles will see results up to seven times faster.  With TMR, 100 percent of the body is used instead of just the affected area.  Lower extremities can be used to fix upper extremities, and the right side of the body can be used to fix the left side.  It’s a radical approach to pain.

One of the main advantages of TMR over traditional therapy approaches is that it teaches you how to fix yourself, no matter where the pain is.  This therapy looks at movement patterns to improve faulty ones.  The bottom line is that you are only using comfortable motions instead of painful ones.  No equipment is needed.  You can apply the motion, again and again to make the pain go away.  It puts you in control of your pain.

TMR allows the body to re-align and heal naturally.  It provides almost immediate relief to those nagging pains and aches.  It’s a lifetime tool that can be used again and again.

When we have a dysfunction or problem with our body, our brains trigger muscles to protect or guard the dysfunction.  This is a learned pattern in our brain and thus creates our pain cycle.  TMR is body movements that do not cause pain (treating the side of the body that does not have pain), which is a new learned pattern by the brain, helping to eliminate the pain cycle.


Total Motion Release (TMR) was developed by a physical therapist in Raleigh, NC.  After treating thousands of patients he said it appeared that the body’s center of balance is misaligned to some degree with every incident of pain or dysfunction.  Over time, the body’s center of balance no longer resides in a healthy position for full motion. The person now cannot function as well.  He found that in a large number of patients muscle, joint, and surgery pain is not being addressed efficiently and effectively as it could be.  Treating just the area of injury is not enough.  Treating areas immediately above or below the area of injury is also not enough.  He found that a center of balance dysfunction is the primary cause of most painful conditions.  To reset or realign the CBD, different areas of the body must be treated simultaneously.  It is the simultaneous treatment that facilitates faster healing. 

The technique that we use in the total motion release basically comprises of four body movements; an arm lift, a trunk twist, a straight leg raise, and a sit to stand maneuver.  We then compare right to left and using the easier side we use those same four motions in a specific treatment pattern to not only have the right-left movements become equal, but also have your main issue, ie pain or specific movement restriction, be made less.  In a lot of cases, the patient gets significant pain relief and improved mobility after the first treatment session.  After that treatment session we follow up with the patient to see how well they are continuing with the TMR at home.  Once they have a handle on the technique, we then address any specific muscle groups that may need to be strengthened in order to prevent further return of the pain or limited flexibility problems.

TMR can be utilized for any pain from neck pain, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, but works extremely well with headaches of all kinds.  I have had several headache patients suffering from migraine headaches 2-3 times a week for the past years.  I have shown them the TMR technique and we have had immediate headache relief. After follow up phone calls 3-4 weeks out patients have been able to control their headaches with the use of TMR.

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